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Alun Parry, Author, How To Remove Trauma Response

Psychotherapists, coaches and counsellors

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Alun Parry is the author of the acclaimed book How To Remove Trauma Response: A Memory Reconsolidation Guidebook For Therapists & Coaches.

He is the founder of FRESH Therapists and teaches many therapists and coaches how to remove trauma consistently.

He is Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice, where he specialises in working with adults who had childhoods that felt less than safe. 

He presents the 5-star rated podcast A Slice Of Therapy.

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How To Remove Trauma Response - The Book

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Trauma is not something to be ‘managed’ – but eliminated entirely. The brain has an in-built mechanism for doing just that. It is called memory reconsolidation. This book shows you how to use that mechanism to remove trauma for your clients, step by step.

Course: The Trauma Removal Blueprint

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Embark on your journey into the forefront of therapeutic innovation with The Trauma Removal Blueprint – your essential introduction to the world of neuroscience-based trauma removal.

Designed exclusively for therapists and coaches, this course empowers you with pioneering knowledge that lay the foundation for profound healing. 

1:1 Personal Coaching To Heal Your Own Wounds

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Become a better coach and therapist by healing your own wounds. Experience memory reconsolidation for yourself and change your life, your career and your effectiveness.

Alun over-delivers in his courses. He explains imaginal transformational work in sufficient detail for immediate use. I recommend it highly.

Kumar Venkatachalam

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