Alun Parry, FRESH TherapistsHi, my name is Alun Parry and I run FRESH Therapists. It is a website that educates therapists and counsellors on how to achieve transformational change with your clients.  

It translates the breakthroughs of neuroscience to the therapy room so that you can apply it to your client work.

As well as the core values below, you can read what we stand for here.

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Core Values of F.R.e.S.H.

The information here is focused on approaches that fit the 5 core values of F.R.E.S.H.:

F – Fast – clients don’t want to be rushed but they do want change to come as quickly as possible.

R – Reconsolidation – memory reconsolidation is the brain’s only known mechanism for transormational change.

E – Experiential – using experiential therapy to trigger memory reconsolidation reliably.

S – Sticks – the changes we help our clients make are permanent.

H – Habit Free – our clients don’t have to do exercises or build habits to maintain the change; instead it is effortless.

F.R.E.S.H. – a fast therapy process that uses the neuroscientific discovery of memory reconsolidation to give clients experiences that produce change that sticks and is effortlessly habit-free.


Photo: Vincent Ledvina
Photo: Vincent Ledvina

About me

My name is Alun Parry. I’m a psychotherapist based in the North West of England. To contact me, send an email to [email protected]