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The Trauma Removal Blueprint

An essential introduction to neuroscience-based trauma healing

Begin your transformative journey with “The Trauma Removal Blueprint.” This foundational course, rooted in the latest neuroscience breakthroughs, is exclusively crafted for therapists and coaches. Step into the vanguard of therapeutic innovation and create profound healing.

A Peak Inside The Trauma Removal Blueprint

✅ The Revolutionary Discovery In Neuroscience

✅ The Steps Of Transformational Change

✅ Using Experiential Approaches

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🧠 Understanding The Predictive Brain

📘 Client Roadmap Planner

Why Get The Trauma Removal Blueprint

1. Neuroscience-Backed Approach:

Stay ahead in your practice by learning methods grounded in the latest neuroscience research.

2. Expertly Curated Content:

Learn direct from the author of the acclaimed book “How To Remove Trauma Response.”

3. Learn at Your Own Pace:

With no deadlines, delve deep into the content as it suits you, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of each module.

4. Yours On-Demand For Life:

You get lifetime access to a program that offers a wealth of knowledge and invaluable resources.

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5 Key Errors Cheatsheet

Your Course Step By Step

Module 1: The Revolution In Neuroscience

What Is Memory Reconsolidation? – A foundational look into the concept that’s reshaping trauma therapy.

The Paradigm Shift – What’s New – Understand the groundbreaking evolutions in trauma healing.

What Type of Memory Is Reconsolidated? – An introduction to the specific memory types under focus.

Summary: Reinforce your foundational knowledge of this pivotal concept.

Module 2: The Steps of Transformational Change

The 7 Steps of Memory Reconsolidation – Grasp the basic roadmap to initiate deep healing.

Problem, Target, Mismatch – A beginner’s guide to these core concepts.

Case Example of Preparation Work – Study elementary applications of the approach.

Making Trauma Removal Happen – A beginner’s insight into the practical steps of transformation.

Case Example of Trauma Removal: Delve into another illustrative example.

Are We Doing Memory Reconsolidation – Or Something Else? – Learn to distinguish between therapeutic methodologies that remove trauma and those that merely keep it intact.

Summary of The Steps – Sum up your foundational understanding of this transformative process.

Module 3 Using Experiential Approaches

Creating Mismatch – Get introduced to the technique of instigating cognitive dissonance for enhanced healing.

An Imaginal Roadmap – Begin your journey with experiential techniques for deeper client insights and healing.

Verify: What Change Looks Like – Understand the basic indicators of successful intervention.

Summary: Experiential Approaches – Round off your introduction to the use of experiential techniques.


AND don’t miss these two incredible bonuses to help you quicken and apply your learning.

On-Demand Training: Understanding The Predictive Brain

When you understand the predictive nature of the brain, trauma removal work becomes so much easier. You understand what the brain is trying to do and what needs to change.

Client Roadmap Planner

The opportunity to make sure you are always on track with this client roadmap planner. Know exactly where you are up to with each client you work with.

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The Trauma Removal Blueprint

Embark on your journey into the forefront of therapeutic innovation with The Trauma Removal Blueprint – your essential introduction to the world of neuroscience-based trauma removal.

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Who is this for?

👉The Trauma Removal Blueprint is for two specific types of people….


The psychotherapist who wants to get consistent transformations for your clients without learning a ton of new modalities


The coach whose clients keep hitting psychological blocks to the change they want, and it seems like it is rooted in their history

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Go from being frustrated and stuck ➤➤➤
To becoming confident, effective and potent.

Stop trying to learn even more new therapy modalities that are costly, time consuming, exhausting, reinventing the weel or disappointing and ➤➤➤
focus on mastering just ONE thing to fully understand how to remove trauma whatever your model.

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤
let me lead you through your foundational steps into this breakthrough via this specially crafted on-demand program.

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If you buy this program and it’s not for you, just let me know within 7 days and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

– Alun Parry
Author of How To Remove Trauma Response.

Just £37 one off price ($46 USD) – yours for life