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Memory Reconsolidation is the only technique that actually removes trauma response from clients for good. And more therapists and coaches need to know about it.

It has been replicated over 30 times and is backed by decades of research. It works for my clients, and it works for the therapists and coaches I teach it to.

In the Memory Reconsolidation Elite Coaching Academy, you’ll learn step-by-step how to use Memory Reconsolidation to completely remove emotional learnings for your clients, so you become the therapist or coach that everyone wants to work with.

"Beats 20 Years of Other Methods!"

"The method is so good that, even as a beginner, I'm getting better results here than I've got as a coach with twenty years experience of other methods."
Howie Jacobson
Coach & Author

Ever experience this?

A client arrives for their first session. They tell you a story of heartbreaking trauma. It shows up in their life today in more ways than you can count. You nod in all the right places and fake an air of confidence. But inside a worry grips you. “What on earth do I do to help this person?”

"Nothing I do is helping"

Many sessions later, their life is no better. Every week, they show up hoping for change. But life does not improve. Nothing you do together is helping. You try to connect the dots between strategies that might make a difference. But nothing does. It feels like you’re just spinning wheels.

"I feel lost"

You understand their problems. You articulate them beautifully when your client can’t find the words. They say: “Yes, that’s exactly it!” and you feel some relief. But then they ask: “What can I do about it?” And you realise that you simply don’t know. You feel lost and frustrated. Your sessions lack focus and structure the moment you lose a sense of what direction to take. You beat yourself up after sessions. It hurts because you want to make a difference and change lives.

No more hit and miss

You know that changing lives is the most meaningful work there is. You know how good it feels when it happens – you just wish your results were like that for all your clients. If only there was a way to understand why things work when they do – then you could be successful every time.

My story

I was experiencing all this too and it was frustrating. I’d be hitting it out of the park with some clients. But with others, I’d be going round in circles. Some clients could move forward successfully. Others seemed like they had some internal barrier blocking their change.

I learned more about the nervous system. I began to understand that if the nervous system doesn’t want you to change, it’ll either stop you or you’ll have to use every ounce of willpower you’ve got to override it. It’s exhausting. But my teachers talked only of befriending and regulating the nervous system. It was useful, but limited. I wanted to move beyond coping and managing. I wanted change.

That’s when I heard about memory reconsolidation… 

Memory reconsolidation is the only brain mechanism that can erase trauma response. It was discovered just over a quarter of a century ago. Before then, neuroscience didn’t even believe such a thing was possible. But now we know it is. 

We don’t need to just befriend the nervous system anymore. We can rewrite those responses completely. This is exactly what I was searching for, so I learned everything about it.

The results I achieved for my clients changed almost overnight, and in ways that seemed almost miraculous to me. I started teaching my colleagues. They reported the same transformations too.

About memory reconsolidation

Memory reconsolidation is a brain mechanism that scientists discovered over 25 years ago. It’s been proven true more than 30 times, so is reliable neuroscience. It is the only known process that allows the brain to completely get rid of trauma response. It results in real, long-term change that is easy to maintain.

A clear road map for change

Learn how to apply the principles of memory reconsolidation with your clients. Work with the certainty of a clear road map for change – whatever your modality. Dive deep into the techniques that give the brain what it needs to remove the effects of trauma.

✅ Erases trauma completely – identify and target the real cause of your clients’ problems. Master techniques that work directly on the nervous system to erase trauma completely. Feel proud and excited about your work again, every single day.

Life changing results – change lives with total confidence and reliability. You’ll learn exactly what to do with any client, no matter how difficult the case – with life-changing results.

✅ Consistent, permanent change – choose the power and clarity of memory reconsolidation, and join the Coaching Academy. You’ll be enjoying the satisfaction and confidence of delivering, permanent change in no time.

✅ Never feel lost with clients again – simply use the Trauma Removal Road Map to troubleshoot your stuck points and to plan your next steps.

Gets You Off the modality merry-Go-Round

Keep hearing about the latest therapy model? Do you get overwhelmed by how much there is to learn?

Instead of learning hundreds of therapy approaches – master the underlying reason WHY each of them work. 

When you master memory reconsolidation, you will have a deep understanding of how to make ANY therapy approach work – and even develop your own.

You can finally get off that exhausting modality merry-go-round of neverending training courses.

"It was Transformational"

"Alun taught me some of his ideas on how to apply memory reconsolidation. Soon after, I tried them with a client I was working with. She described the session as 'transformational' and it had a real impact on her life."
Louise Bellamy

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

It works - "I was Blown Away!"

Would you like to start getting results within 30 days? Check out Bev’s experience. She had only joined the month before. Yet she applied what she learned and look what she achieved within 55 minutes…

Wow-Level Results Within Your First 90 Days!

All the coaching and content is designed to be applied. So we follow the process of Learn / Apply / Improve.


In the first 90 days, you will undertake 4 specially designed missions. 


As you go through each mission, you will be encouraged to apply the techniques with your own clients.


I personally coach you to troubleshoot and celebrate your results so you get even better.

When you follow this process of Learn – Apply – Improve, you will be achieving wow-level results within your first 90 days. And better yet, there are then more missions just waiting to take you even deeper into mastery!

"The first 2 modules so far are GOLD and worth the investment alone! "

"Very clear, very concise and very easy to learn. Very very grateful for you educating true transformational change work. I feel like I levelled up exponentially."
Marcos Duarte

"A Life Reclamation - Every Therapist and Coach Needs This"

"This is the first time we've purchased something for our business that has impacted our personal life on such an unmistakably profound level. This is not just an education - it's a life reclamation. Every therapist and coach needs this in their bag of tricks and knowledge, and when it hits the tipping point, it will change the world."
Criss Ittermann

"The Best Results I Ever Had"

"From my point of view, these are the best results I ever had with all clients I've tried with this protocol, and with no such big effort. It never worked so well. So thank you!


"As an EMDR practitioner, I am always looking for client friendly ways to explain stuff. I have found Alun's concept of the invisible twin invaluable. It's a great way of conceptualising a blocking belief that makes sense and is very easy to understand."
Aurelia De Rocha
EMDR Therapist

"I was Dubious At First"

"It's fast, quick and easy. It's really helpful. I was a bit dubious to start with. I thought 'really?' And now I'm a real advocate of it. I've used it with a number of clients and actually they enjoy the process. I highly recommend it. If you don't know anything about it, find out about it. It really works."
Sandra Burlace

"Surprised and impressed"

"I felt super suprised and pretty impressed by the result, because I didn't put much effort in. She mostly self healed with just a little help from me."

"I Have Learned So Much"

"Alun is really inspiring and a real role model. I have learnt so much from him. He is so good at what he does, so knowledgeable and skilled."
Graham Williams

"He Over-delivers"

"Alun over-delivers in his courses. He explains transformational work in sufficient detail for immediate use. I recommend it highly."
Kumar Venkatachalam

"Profound Results Reliably and Confidently"

"I can help clients change the deep core beliefs that have been keeping them stuck for decades, totally and permanently. The single downside is that the results are so profound it can be hard to describe them without sounding like you're exaggerating! I feel so lucky that I found Alun. I went from not having heard of Memory Reconsolidation to being able to perform it reliably and confidently."
Jane Elliott, PhD
Professor, Coach, Founder of Blazing Talents

Inside The Coaching Academy

Repeatable Success

From hit and miss to knowing how to get results every time.

Road Map

From feeling stuck and lost to the confidence that comes from a clear direction of travel.


From learning a million approaches to simply focus on mastering ONE key thing.

Let me take you behind the scenes and show you your specially designed learning journey inside the Coaching Academy. Check out the short video below 😀

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

When You Join The Coaching Academy

The one client challenge

Pick a client to focus on. I will work with you 1:1 during our group coaching calls at each stage of your work. I guide you from the start of your work together, through to the removal of their trauma. This way of working provides focus and ensures you get results fast.

Trauma Removal road map tool

Ever feel stuck with a client? Never again. Simply use the Trauma Removal Road Map to troubleshoot your stuck points and to plan your next steps. The road map has been specially designed by Alun Parry to guide you through the process of memory reconsolidation work. Better still, it is all available in an at-a-glance format so you can get on track quickly and easily.

The 3 Pillars

I help you achieve mastery through the 3 pillars of the Coaching Academy:

Your Success Pathway

Simply follow your bite sized action-based learning journey leading you step by step to success.

Personal Coaching

I will coach you on your real cases in our group coaching calls every other week, and in our coaching community every day.


Get daily support and insights from our incredible international community of groundbreaking coaches and therapists.

And now - An Exclusive Client Referral Network for members only

Boost your practice and your income with our Client Referral Network. Share opportunities and collaborate for mutual success. Exclusively for Coaching Academy members only.

Counts towards CPD hours

All calls and time spent in the VIP Members Vault counts towards your UK Continuing Professional Development Hours.

Ongoing Skill development

Unlike courses where you learn and then the instructor leaves, coaching means you keep deepening your learning week in week out so you become a consistently effective practitioner.

Study Buddy Matchups

Every month, get paired with a new study buddy for fresh connections, built-in accountability, and greater success!

Tax Deductible Coaching

You can pay for our academy via your business and write it off as a taxable expense. Enhance your skills, grow your practice, and enjoy financial benefits!

WAIT: This is ONLY For You If...

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

"It Truly Works"

“My client felt automatically lighter when she reflected on the traumatic experience and was not triggered by the memory as she would previously have been.

She was shocked that it removed the distressing feelings around the emotions so quickly. I was also amazed that it has removed a 26 year old trauma wound so quickly and so successfully.

My client says she feels lighter and there have been other unexpected outcomes that we felt would need to be worked on separately but seem positively impacted by the removal and the emotions around these have reduced or disappeared completely.

I just wanted to say thank you Alun, because I feel like I have so much more to offer clients with this technique. It truly works.”
Susan Nwohia

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you want to change your mind within 30 days, let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

Alun Parry

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

Why Coaching Is Better Than Courses

There’s a problem with courses that I know you will recognise. They are one off events.

How many times have you taken a course, learned something valuable, and just three months later none of it is being applied?

That’s not your fault. It’s the nature of event-based training. Coaching is the answer to that problem. 

With coaching, your learning continues because it is being applied every week with expert guidance. Missteps are corrected. You get help as you implement the ideas. I support you with your specific difficulties. 

Your learning never stops. You develop genuine mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We meet twice a month. Currently our meetings take place of a Friday at 1pm UK time.

Although we love to see you on the calls, the group is specially designed to be valuable even if you can’t make them. All meetings are recorded and available in your private vault. The members only coaching forum allows you to ask questions and make contributions even to calls you missed. Our most engaged member has never attended the calls live, preferring to watch the calls at their own leisure and join in later. Remember, if the group isn’t working for you for any reason, there’s a 30 day no-quibble guarantee.

No way! All sessions are recorded and stored forever in the members only vault. If you miss something, you can watch it back at your own leisure. Same goes if you simply want to watch something again. You can then ask or contribute what you need in the members only coaching forum.

There is a 100% guarantee within the first 30 days, no questions asked. If you regret joining, just let me know and I’ll deliver a swift refund to you. Beyond that – you can leave at any time.

You can save 40% and get The Memory Reconsolidation Elite Coaching Academy for just £75 ($95 USD) per month.

No. I will show you exactly what the brain needs to trigger permanent transformation. I will help you to tweak your current favourite approaches so that they become life transformingly effective, meaning you skyrocket your results with the minimum of effort.

Absolutely. I’m on [email protected] – just send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

Be Part Of Our Wonderful Community

SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month

A Closing Message From Alun Parry

“Hi, I’m Al. This Coaching Academy is an opportunity to dive deep into the brain’s only route to transformational change. I use memory reconsolidation daily, and it is changing the lives of my clients. I want to help you to master memory reconsolidation. This group of ours has quickly become a collection of international therapist and coaching pioneers, on the same journey together, sharing each other’s special skills and insights. I can’t wait for you to join us.”


SAVE 40% and join for just £75 ($95 USD) per month
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

"Really helpful"

"The monthly missions are really helpful. Alun is a master at bite size chunks of information."
Tracey Wilson-Kissoon
Coach and Physiotherapist