Master The Brain's Only Route To Transformational Change

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November 17th 2021, 10 am: Pre-launches exclusively to this priority waiting list
November 21st 2021, 10 am: If places still available, launches to all 

Strictly limited to 20 places - first come first served


"What on earth do I do to help this person?"

A client arrives for their first session. They tell you a story of heartbreaking trauma. It shows up in their life today in more ways than you can count. You nod in all the right places and fake an air of confidence. But inside a worry grips you. “What on earth do I do to help this person?”

"Nothing I do is helping!"

Many sessions later, their life is no better. Every week, they show up hoping for change. But life does not improve. Nothing you do together is helping. You try to connect the dots between strategies that might make a difference. But nothing does. It feels like you’re just spinning wheels.

"I feel lost."

You understand their problems. You articulate them beautifully when your client can’t find the words. They say: “Yes, that’s exactly it!” and you feel some relief. But then they ask: “What can I do about it?” And you realise that you simply don’t know. You feel lost and frustrated. Your sessions lack focus and structure the moment you lose a sense of what direction to take. You beat yourself up after sessions. It hurts because you want to make a difference and change lives.

"Can I be better than hit and miss?"

You know that changing lives is the most meaningful work there is. You know how good it feels when it happens - you’re just not sure you can do it better than hit and miss.

What if you knew exactly what to do...

But what if you could? What if you knew exactly how to transform lives consistently, like flipping a light switch. Your clients could experience permanent, lasting change as soon as next week.

It’s true - when our clients’ lives don’t improve, being a therapist can feel hopeless and disheartening. And lonely! But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Gain mastery of memory reconsolidation 

Learn how to change lives every time with my Memory Reconsolidation Coaching Group. Gain mastery of the brain's only route to transformational change.

A clear road map for change

Learn how to apply the principles of memory reconsolidation with your clients. Work with the certainty of a clear road map for change. Dive deep into the techniques that give the brain what it needs to remove the effects of trauma. 

Erase trauma completely

Identify and target the real cause of your clients’ problems. Master imaginal techniques that work directly on the nervous system to erase trauma completely. Feel proud and excited about your work again, every single day. 

Life-changing results

Change lives with total confidence and reliability. You’ll learn exactly what to do with any client, no matter how difficult the case - with life-changing results.

Consistent, permanent change

Choose the power and clarity of memory reconsolidation, and join my coaching group. You’ll be enjoying the satisfaction and confidence of delivering consistent, permanent change in no time.

The Coaching Group You Asked For 

Hi, it's Al. I've been talking with you for the past month, asking what you want the coaching group to look like. I've taken what you told me and built what you asked for.

If you want anything different when we start, let me know and we'll keep on tweaking so it's just what you need.

Here's how it will run at the start:

  • There was an even split between wanting group events once or twice a month. I've made it twice a month. That means those who wanted twice get twice. Those who only want to meet once can skip one. 
  • Yet you won't miss out, because all sessions will be recorded and stored in our members only vault for you to watch again.
  • You liked most of the format options I asked about. The most common request was to rotate them so the group stayed fresh. So that's how it will be.
  • Some of you asked for 1:1 options too in order to have a more customised experienced. I've left those out of the main coaching group as it would impact price, and not everyone wanted them. But there are added options if you do.

Personal Coaching Options

For those who asked about 1:1 coaching, there are 2 options below based on frequency of meeting. I've only made a few 1:1 places available so it is very limited.


These are not extra group members to those above - there will be no more than 20 people in the group. 

Coaching group plus

(Strictly limited: 6 places only)




  • All the features of the coaching group listed above
  • Monthly one hour 1:1 coaching session
  • Bring your own cases for customised 1:1 analysis

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Minimum commitment = 3 months

then can leave anytime

coaching group plus

(Strictly limited:  2 places only)




  • All the features of the coaching group listed above
  • Weekly one hour 1:1 coaching session - 4 per month
  • Bring your own cases for customised 1:1 analysis

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Minimum commitment = 3 months

then can leave anytime

Doors Close November 24th - First Come First Served

(Only 20 places)

There are many times more people on the waiting list as there are places in the group. So please don't delay as you will risk missing out. I'm not being salesy . It's just the truth of it. So if you're planning on joining, get on board early to be sure you get in. 

I have limited the group to 20 places (this includes those who choose the even more limited 1:1 options). Once 20 have signed up, I'll be closing the doors - until Summer 2022 at the very earliest.

Why? Two reasons.

I've limited the numbers because I want to make sure I don't have more than I can serve well. I want to do a great job for you.

I'm shutting the doors until Summer 2022 at the very earliest because I want to focus on serving you rather than attracting new people. (Also, I don't enjoy selling so it frees me from that yuk stuff too.)

That means...

Once the group hits 20, I'll accept no more members. 

Choose The Coaching Group Package To Suit You

The coaching group is £97 per month. 

If you'd like 1:1 sessions, choose Personal Mentorship for once a month coaching (£217) or Concierge Version (£577) for weekly. Everyone else can choose the first option (£97)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What people have been saying about my memory reconsolidation training

"An astounding lecture. I was blown away by it."

"Very interesting and inspiring."

"An amazing workshop. Very thought provoking."

"This is the best online training I've had and I want to go deeper."

"Fantastic workshop and a very easy to understand way of explaining."

- All taken from my How To Erase Trauma Response workshops for onlinevents.

Here's a "What You Get" Reminder

  • 2 group meetings per month
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Live case study workshops
  • Members only vault
  • Counts towards CPD hours
  • Private members only Facebook group

  • Live Masterclasses
  • Live skills practice workshops
  • Post-client debrief sessions
  • Live demonstrations
  • All sessions recorded to watch again
  • Numbers limited to a maximum of 20

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you want to change your mind within 30 days, let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

- Alun Parry

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the group meet?

What if I join and then find that I can never make the meetings?

If I miss a meeting does that mean I miss the learning?

What if I don't like it once I'm in?

I've a question to ask that isn't here - can I contact you?

P.S.: This coaching group is an opportunity to dive deep into the brain's only route to transformational change. I use memory reconsolidation daily, and it is changing the lives of my clients. I want to help you to master memory reconsolidation. I think this group of ours will become a collection of therapist pioneers, on the same journey together, sharing each other's special skills and insights. I can't wait.

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