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Therapists and Coaches

Be coached by me personally inside The Memory Reconsolidation Elite Coaching Academy

Stop feeling lost and chasing every new therapy modality

Become a genuine expert at removing trauma each and every time

You want to gain genuine mastery as a therapist or coach so...

You thought about learning yet another new modality

BUT you’re not ready to invest thousands of pounds and be locked into a training course that will last years and spend countless hours attending courses and writing essays just to find out that it hasn’t added much to how effective you are as a therapist or coach.

You considered buying an online course

BUT you have done that before and you’re tired of the “do the course” and “forget the learning” cycle that plagues courses of any kind. You know that you struggle to even finish self study courses. Many overpromise and underdeliver because, as a one-off course, there is no ongoing contact between you and the course provider.

You even thought about sticking to books and podcasts

BUT it’s so exhausting and challenging to piece all these various ideas together into an overarching road map of what to do in each therapy session. They often leave you more lost and overwhlemed than when you started. You’re doing this already and it hasn’t given you the answer.


I was stuck...

Until I unlocked the secrets of memory reconsolidation and began to remove trauma consistently

When I started...

When I started out as a new therapist, I often felt that my training didn’t fully equip me. I often felt that I could help clients to understand their problem, but I was less clear how to actually help them. So I learned a different therapy model so I could be a better therapist.

👉I started using my new approach and was getting good results.🎉🙏

I felt that I’d cracked it. I finally knew how to help people.

But then...

I noticed that some clients were not getting results. I was hit and miss. My approach worked great with some. But those with deeper issues often struggled and made no progress.

I persisted, but therapy would become circular. These clients would seem better at predicting my questions than they would at getting the change they needed in their life.


❌I couldn’t guarantee great results anymore.❌

Learning yet another therapy model seemed the only way out in order to plug the gaps in how I was working. 😭

Fast forward to today...

I told myself:

There must be an easier way to do this and make this work, even if it means rejecting much of orthodox therapy thinking!

And then I found it!!

Memory Reconsolidation – the brain’s inbuilt trauma removal mechanism!

And this time I finally started to see the results I’d been working for so long.

It Only Takes
3 Simple Steps

To permanently transform the lives of your clients


Step 1

Guide the client from problem to desired outcome.



Step 2

Discover the core prediction that keeps the problem alive.



Step 3

Trigger memory reconsolidation so the prediction is updated – change becomes permanent and effortless.


Keep googling or...

Skip YEARS of researching it alone and learn how to remove trauma reliably

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