What About You?

Are you a people pleaser therapist or coach?

Want to stop saying yes, start charging more, end the stress of always trying to prove yourself, and break the cycle of burnout?

I’m working with a new group next month to overcome people pleasing so you can earn more, work less, and find your work enjoyable again – AND have the time and freedom to do things for you. 

Who it's for...

This program isn’t for everyone, but we could be a good fit if 2 or 3 of these describe your situation:

✅ You are a therapist or coach. You know that you are a people pleaser who finds it hard to say no. 

✅ You are already working with clients and experiencing how the work triggers your people-pleasing to leave you feeling stressed and out of alignment with yourself.

✅ You’re committed to being a great therapist or coach, but you’re nervous that your urge to people-please will leave you broke or burned out. You want to help others but not at your own expense. You want a balanced life and a good income while still making a real difference.

✅ You sense your own emotional baggage is obstructing your professional growth, either by charging too little, not having strong enough boundaries, keeping yourself away from the limelight, or feeling panicky when client work gets stuck.

✅ You want to change this so you can connect to and voice your own needs, make your career work for you, and have a personal life that nourishes you. 

✅ You want to feel able to step into the limelight whenever you want and let yourself give talks, advertise, share on social media, or write articles.

✅ The material you need to work on does not need the closer support of 1:1 therapy. 

✅ You want the benefits of memory reconsolidation for you – to transform your own life and career.

Find out more...

If you’re nodding along to 2-3 of the above, we’d love to hear from you.

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