1:1 Personal Coaching

As therapists and coaches, many of us have our own blocks and traumas to overcome.  The work we do with our clients can often touch these pain points, making us less effective in our work.

I will work with you 1:1 as your coach to help you heal your own blocks and wounds.

Once they are gone, you will be more effective in your work with your clients. You can stay focused on them rather than attending to your own triggers.

Therapists and coaches who work with me 1:1 tell me they get double benefit from our work together. Not only do your psychological barriers heal, but you learn and experience memory reconsolidation through the process of our work together.

If you would like to work with me to remove the effects of your trauma, you can use the diary below to book your 1:1 coaching session.

It’s a great way to change your life, improve your work, and learn about memory reconsolidation by experiencing it.

Yes I Want You To Coach Me 1-1

Coaching sessions are £250 for each 55 minute session.

Fill in this short form to let me know that you’d like me to work with you as your memory reconsolidation coach for your own personal stuff.