Book – How To Remove Trauma Response


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How To Remove Trauma Response by Alun Parry is available on Kindle or in paperback.

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Trauma is not something to be ‘managed’ – but eliminated entirely.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not. Neuroscience has shown that trauma can be removed completely. Indeed, the brain has an in-built mechanism for doing just that. It is called memory reconsolidation.

This book shows you how to use that mechanism to remove trauma for your clients. It reveals the exact steps the brain needs so that trauma can be removed reliably and consistently. It shows you how to apply them to your work in the therapy room, step by step.

It provides you with a road map that increases your potency and effectiveness as a therapist.
As a result, clients struggling with depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties, self worth issues, and many other trauma leftovers transform suddenly and for good.

No relapse. No ongoing exercises. Just complete and effortless transformation.

Would you like to gain mastery of the brain’s in-built healing process and get regular, spectacular results?

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