Q&A on Memory Reconsolidation : Answering Your Questions on Erasing Trauma

Date: Fri 13 Aug 2021

A live Q&A with Alun Parry of If the articles on this site, or the talks below have made you want to find out more, join Alun on this FREE live Q&A.

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Introductory workshop

How to Overwrite Trauma Response workshop with Alun Parry (FRESHTherapists)

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Wednesday November 3rd 2021 @ 10am UK time

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About this Event

What if there was a brain mechanism that simply erased trauma responses? No more relapse. Instead, a change that is lasting and effortless to maintain. As if the original trauma had never happened. What if you knew how to trigger it as if someone had shown you where the light switch was?

Here’s the good news. There is such a mechanism. The mechanism is called memory reconsolidation. It is a mechanism, not a model, so can be incorporated into your current way of working.

In this introduction, Alun will show you what memory reconsolidation is and why it can transform your work and practice.

The outline of this event is a 90-minute presentation with 30 minute Q and A session.

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Wednesday November 3rd 2021 @ 10am UK time