When Your Session Doesn’t Go To Plan


You can have a session plan all you like. But it tends not to survive contact with your client. They, quite understandably, will have their own take on what they want to do.

Sometimes they want to focus on a different topic because something has shown up that week that is more pressing.

Other times, they want to work on the same thing – but reject your idea of how to work on it.

Therapists and coaches who rely on protocols and modalities can get stuck here. The protocol says the next step is this, but the client says “nah, not that.” What to do?!

The therapists and coaches I train don’t get stuck here. They get agile. We have moved beyond reliance on protocols and modalities. Instead, we orient ourselves to the road map of what the brain needs to affect permanent change.

Maps are better than lists of instructions. When you have a list of instructions, one wrong turn and you’re stuck.

With a map, you can handle surprises and get back on track towards your destination.

That destination is memory reconsolidation because it is the only known brain mechanism that removes trauma response completely.

Would you like me to show you how?

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