Is it right to wipe someone’s memory?


Memory reconsolidation is a breakthrough for one major reason. It erases emotional learning.

Other approaches build brain pathways that merely compete with the emotional learning.

But given that memory reconsolidation erases trauma response, what does it do to memory?

Do our clients no longer remember these traumatic moments? Is the memory wiped so as to produce a kind of amnesia around it?

Understandably, this would create real ethical questions.

But that’s not what it does.

There are different memory systems that function in different ways.

Working memory is the kind that helps you remember a telephone number before you write it down.

Story memory is the kind that allows you to retell the story of what happened.

Memory reconsolidation does not erase either of these.

Instead, it erases implicit memory. Implicit memory contains the autopilot nervous system responses, emotions and the meanings we give to that event.

Clients still know what happened. But their implicit memory response is now changed.

Bev, one of our Academy members, witnessed this with her client within about a month of joining.

Her client still remembered what had happened. But, in Bev’s words, “she knew there should be distress attached to the memory, but she just couldn’t find it any more. ”

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