Missing piece of the jigsaw


I was initially trained in a diagnostic form of therapy. But it didn’t make sense for me to apply labels to my clients.

I learned more by seeking their insights than by imposing my own.

So I switched to an approach that focused more on what’s right with you than what’s wrong with you.

I enjoyed this more. It felt more respectful and admiring of my clients, and it explored their strengths in promoting change.

But I also noticed a flaw. At times, no matter how clearly they articulated the next step of change, their nervous systems intervened to forbid it.

Stephen Porges’ work made me realise the key importance of the nervous system. We like to think we are in charge, but our nervous system is really calling the shots to keep us safe.

Many therapists do great work around the nervous system and how to invite it back to safety. But I still felt unsatisfied.

Must we forever have to attend to our nervous system as it repeatedly spikes based on old outdated predictions? Couldn’t we instead rewrite it for good?

There was a missing piece of the jigsaw. But I didn’t know what it was.

And then I encountered memory reconsolidation – the discovery that the brain has an in-built mechanism for removing trauma and other emotional learnings.

I learned how to master helping clients trigger this mechanism. The change in my results was nothing short of revolutionary.

Would you like me to show you how to do it too?

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