No change is free


Every change comes with a price.

Even getting myself a glass of water has a cost.

It costs me the journey to my kitchen from my living room.

It costs me a few extra calories of energy.

It costs me some time.

Nothing is for free.

The changes that are easy have a price worth paying and feel safe to pay.

The changes that are hard have a price too high to pay. Or worse still feel unsafe.

Even if I really want the outcome at the other side!

Let’s say I really want a chocolate bar. If the shopkeeper says I can only have it if he punches me in the face, I’d say no.

The cost of what I want is too high.

This is why change is hard for clients too. They make changes all the time. But this change is too costly, or even unsafe.

"If I get this change, then there’ll be this awful outcome. So even though I want the change, I keep the problem, because that awful outcome is even worse."

And that makes perfect sense.

Our first job is to find the prediction that keeps the problem in place – despite them not wanting the problem.

Our ultimate job is to use memory reconsolidation to update predictions that are no longer true.

Once updated, the problem falls away and change becomes easy.

Would you like me to show you how?

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