Rewrite predictions, not the past


It’s common for many therapists and coaches to think that our job is to rewrite the past.

But the past has happened. And none of us has a time machine.

The past isn’t really the issue anyhow. It’s not the past that keeps our problems alive, but the learning we took from it.

That learning gave us a set of predictions about how the world works.

If I am proud of myself I’ll be beaten down.
If I enjoy life it will be unfair to my sister.
If I earn well Mum will think less of me.

Predictions don’t exist in the past, even though they were born there.

Predictions live in the present and they forecast the future. If this, then that. They predict the price we will pay for making the change we want.

When that price is too high, our nervous systems fight us and the change is hard.

With memory reconsolidation work, our fundamental job is to rewrite these predictions.

Once rewritten, change becomes effortless and permanent. The past remains what it was. But the old learning we took from it is finally gone, so our present and future are reclaimed.

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