Rewriting The Predictive Brain


The brain is a prediction machine.

It can feel like the brain reacts to things. And in a way it does. But it reacts to things with a prediction.

When I see a cake, my mouth waters. But not because I saw a cake. It waters because my brain predicts that I will eat the cake.

The nervous system is the same. When your brain predicts that you are under threat, you may go into fight or flight.

The mouth-watering helps me eat the cake. The fight or flight state resources my body to escape the threat.

But if it hadn’t predicted danger, your nervous system would remain calm.

Sometimes, the prediction will be outdated. An emotional learning means that the nervous system is triggered even when the threat prediction is no longer true.

Now resembles then, and then was scary. So the prediction of threat kicks in.

Memory reconsolidation is the brain mechanism that lets us update these outdated predictions.

When we know how to trigger this mechanism, we can overwrite these old predictions for good. This is how we create lasting, permanent transformation. Change becomes easy once the client no longer has to fight their own nervous system response.

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