The Men Who Stare At Goats


In a secret facility in North Carolina, a senior military man made another attempt to run through his office wall.

He sped towards it – and once again collided slap bang into it.

This is a scene from the book (and movie) The Men Who Stare At Goats.

It is the true tale of a secret division of the US Military that sought to cultivate paranormal powers.

Many coaches will also encourage clients to do the equivalent of running through a wall.

When faced with a difficult challenge, they call on their client’s willpower to get through it. Only for them to collide slap bang into that wall again.

Ultimately, the military officers accepted that you can’t just run through a wall. It is time for us, too, to find an easier way.

What if there was no longer a wall? It’s much easier to run through a gap than a wall. This represents the removal model of change.

Memory reconsolidation removes the blocks that stop us from getting where we want to go. Any other approach is suboptimal.

As even the US army realised, it’s too hard to run through walls. It’s better to simply take the blocks away.

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