Notice The Invisible Twin


When clients begin working with us, they want something to be different. There is either a goal they never seem to accomplish or a problem they want rid of.

Even though they are clear about what they want, they feel frustrated because they can’t seem to get it.

How is it that we can’t get what we want despite knowing we want it? Even when it is achievable.

"I’d just like to go out with my old school friends when they ask me."

When change is hard like this, it is because two agendas are pulling in opposite directions. Enter the Invisible Twin.

When a client tells me what they want, I believe them. But I also know that another part doesn’t want that at all. I call this The Invisible Twin.

Client: "I’m so lonely. I’d just like to go out with my old school friends when they ask me"

Invisible Twin: "Well you might want that, but I don’t. If I let you do that, there’d be an even worse price to pay than loneliness!"

The key to change is to look for the presence of this Invisible Twin, learn its predictions of greater harm and, if outdated, rewrite the prediction using memory reconsolidation.

Once the Twin prediction is updated, it no longer intervenes and change becomes effortless.

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