How to find your way


Every week, I walk from a nearby park to Penny Lane (yes, that one).

But I make that journey with my friend Andy so I never take notice of the route.

I just chatter, oblivious, as he leads the way.

This weekend, I was at the park and needed to walk to Penny Lane. But no Andy.

If anyone were to ask me for directions to Penny Lane, I’d have been stuck. I didn’t know the route.

Yet I got there easily without recourse to Google Maps.

How? Moment by moment.

At each point in the journey, I would spot a landmark or a street or a particular house that would lead me to the next chunk of the journey.

In a funny sort of way, I was mostly lost. Yet I was always on the right track.

I kept going until the next landmark guided me to my next good decision.

I’d then instantly not know where to go again until the next landmark appeared.

Therapy and coaching is like this during the discovery stage of our work. We don’t know the exact route in advance because every client is unique. Yet we don’t need to know.

We can just keep going, gently exploring, waiting for the client to give us our next landmark.

This exploration, moment to moment, leads us from being lost to spotting the key points on our road map to trauma removal.

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