In pursuit of Mr Spock


What happens when we no longer have trauma response? When the nervous system no longer spikes into fight or flight due to things that we learned from our past?

One take is that we become Mr Spock, the emotionless and purely logical first officer from Star Trek.

Whenever something happens that used to be triggering we would instead respond with cold Vulcan logic.

Nervous system responses are a thing of the past according to this idea.

But no, that’s not the outcome. We keep an emotional world and we still have a nervous system.

They are just disconnected from outdated predictions from the past. Instead, they operate in the here and now.

The point is not to be in pursuit of Mr Spock. We still need our emotions and nervous system responses.

We just need them to respond to what is happening now. Not what we learned back then that is no longer true.

If there’s no lion, it’s not helpful to respond as if a lion is still there.

But if there is a lion, that nervous system response is the very thing that stops you from being lion food.

Trauma removal doesn’t get rid of these essential mechanisms. We need them so we can respond to here-and-now dangers.

Removing trauma still leaves us with a rich emotional world. Becoming Mr Spock is not the fate that awaits us.

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