My Forthcoming Book – Sneak Preview

For the past year, I’ve been working hard on my book How To Remove Trauma Response.

Some big news! The final proof has just been approved, so the book is being made as we speak. Keep your eyes peeled for the official release date.

Below is a sneak preview of the book chapters:

Chapter 1: How To Use This Book

Chapter 2: What Is Memory Reconsolidation?

Chapter 3: The Breakthrough in Neuroscience

Chapter 4: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

Chapter 5: The Seven Steps of Transformational Change

Chapter 6: Putting It All Together

Chapter 7: Triggering Transformational Change

Chapter 8: How Not To Miss Memory Reconsolidation

Chapter 9: Creating Imaginal Mismatches

Chapter 10: A Road Map For Imaginal Work

Chapter 11: Harvesting Old Feelings

Chapter 12: Identify Opposite Feelings

Chapter 13: Build A New Scene

Chapter 14: Experience The New Scene Imaginally

Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Imaginal Work

Chapter 16: How to Know If Change Has Occurred

Chapter 17: Imaginal Work – A Recap

Chapter 18: Conclusion

I’m REALLY excited to get this book to you.

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