The Rewind Technique: Dangers Of Disassociation?

Here is a reader question about The Rewind Technique and Depersonalisation Disorder:

Depersonalisation disorder seems to be something where a person copes with trauma by  disassociating with their own thoughts, feelings, and body and sees it from a distance.

And rewind technique also does the same thing. So how is it that one is used as a treatment and the other as a disorder?

And will using rewind techniques too frequently on/by a person, have the danger of resulting in depersonalization disorder?

Here is my response below where I cover:

  • an alternative to the disorder paradigm
  • how the rewind technique uses dissociation as a tolerance tool
  • the core equation of trauma removal
  • the importance of working with the correct core prediction
  • why successful memory reconsolidation work makes future dissociation unnecessary

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